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Buy Bubble Gum weed online-medical cannabis for cancer

Bubble Gum is an award-winning hybrid that has strong indica and sativa effects, creating the perfect blend between up and down and offering up a unique high. This hybrid is also a favorite in the medical cannabis scene, healing and soothing a number of debilitating aches and pains. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

This particular hybrid was originally birthed in Indiana in the 1970s, from where it was brought to New England and then eventually moved to Holland, where its popularity gained traction. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Bubble Gum then went on to win two awards at the Cannabis Cup of 1994, also winning 2nd place in ‘95 and in ‘99. This particular strain is popular for its sweet candy-like smell and its equally sweet effects.

This hybrid will hit you like an indica, at first, but it carries a lot of sativa qualities with it. This strain is great for a little mellow late afternoon smoke when you are surrounded by friends and want to live in the moment feeling uplifted and high. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Information about Buy Bubble Gum weed online:

ORIGIN Indiana Bubblegum
EFFECTS happy – 10
euphoric – 8
relaxed – 8
uplifted – 6
hungry – 5
dry eyes – 7
paranoid – 4
anxious – 4
dizzy – 2
Dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE candy, earthy, sweet, flowery
FLAVORS berry, creamy, fruity, sweet, tropical
MEDICAL stress – 10
pain – 9
depression – 9
lack of appetite – 6
insomnia – 5
THC CONTENT % 13%-19%
CBD % 0.10%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50% / 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD 14oz/ plant
CLIMATE dry and warm outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE sensitive to mold and rot, and should be kept indoors rather than subject it to a wet outdoor climate Buy Bubble Gum weed online

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

Effects: Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Bubble Gum is a hybrid that has made a name for itself for many reasons. This strain’s high is well balanced, with full-bodied effects that will both relax and invigorate you. You will feel uplifted and in a perfect, positive state of mind, enjoying the company you keep and sharing a giggle with your friends. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

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This bud will make you feel happy and relieve you of any negative thoughts you may be harboring. Bubble Gum instills a gentle euphoria in your that will make you feel like you are floating in the clouds and eventually coming down into a relaxed and stress-free state.

Bubble Gum Effects
Bubble Gum Effects – Image powered by Thenug

Bubble Gum will also make you cave-in to the munchies, as it will increase your appetite and make you want to sit on the couch and enjoy whatever food you have available. Combined with a feeling of being uplifted, this smoke will make you feel happy and carefree. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Fragrance: Buy Bubble Gum weed online

This strain has gained notoriety for its distinctly sweet smell alone. Bubble Gum makes for a pleasant and tantalizingly fragrant presence, that will fill the room with its flowery notes and its earthiness. It will leave a trail of a candy smell around you, which will make your mouth water. medical cannabis for cancer


Bubble Gum features a unique blend of flavors that truly does its name justice. This hybrid has the flavors of an array of fruits, making the smoke taste creamy and like berries. Its unique tropical aftertaste is why it has garnered many fans, especially for those who prefer the sweet fruity varieties. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Adverse Reaction

This sweet strain is potent and can sometimes be a little too much to handle, especially if you aren’t a seasoned smoker. Bubble Gum can cause a mild case of paranoia in some, which may also turn into feeling anxious and uncomfortable, especially if you are prone to these things. Buy Bubble Gum weed online

Bubble Gum Adverse Reaction
Bubble Gum Adverse Reaction

You may also experience some cottonmouth on this strain, often with eyes that feel dry too. In some rare cases, you may feel slightly dizzy when smoking Bubble Gum, due to this hybrid’s strong sativa and indica effects, which may lead to confusion. medical cannabis for cancer


Doctors have been prescribing this strain for a number of reasons. Bubble Gum has proven to be very effective for patients who need help regulating their chronic stress, as this strain can be a powerful relaxant. It can help them ease their feelings of anxiety and calm the mind.

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Bubble Gum is also a great way to treat any chronic pain. There are a number of pain conditions that this hybrid has proven to be able to soothe, such as migraines, back pains, muscle spasms, and headaches. This strain can offer relief without the side effects of prescription medication.

Bubble Gum Medical
Bubble Gum Medical – Image powered by 420101

Since this hybrid is a powerful mood-elevator, it is also good at treating all sorts of mental issues. Depression can be eased with the help of this strain, as it can be uplifting and induce bursts of the giggles. Insomnia can also be treated with Bubble Gum because it can make you sleepy on the comedown, ready for a night of rest. Buy Bubble Gum weed online


This beautifully sweet strain is quite easy to cultivate when you are a seasoned grower. A little caution to amateur growers though, as this strain can be sensitive to mold and rot, so it should be kept sheltered and dry if you want it to survive outdoors. medical cannabis for cancer

Flowering Time

Bubble Gum can be expected to yield an average of 16 ounces of candy bud during harvest, This strain takes around 8 to 9 weeks to flower before it’s ready to harvest.

Growing this strain outdoors requires a dry environment for this hybrid and lots of warmth and sunshine for it to thrive. You can expect Bubble Gum to be ready for a harvest around the middle to late October, where it can yield around 14 ounces per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Bubble Gum? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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