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Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

13 Dawgs is a hybrid bred by Delta 9 Bio-Tech. It is one of the high-grade cannabis developed and cultivated by the company in its 7.4 sqm facility in Canada.Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

As a licensed producer of medical marijuana, one can expect this hybrid to offer exceptional pharmacological benefits. That is not to say that it does not have any recreational value. Far from it, this evenly balanced weed possesses a high amount of THC. Its psychedelic effects, therefore, can be intense. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

To develop 13 dawgs, Delta 9 crossed G13 with Chemdawg. Both these are highly-acclaimed and have a reputation for their exceptional but contrasting effects.

G13 itself has quite an unusual backstory. Allegedly, the FBI or the CIA gathered expert breeders and developed super strains. Someone working in the facility then smuggled out a cutting. It would later be called G13. Of course, that story is probably a tall tale. However, what is real is that it passes on its Indica genes to 13 Dawgs. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

OG Kush and Sour Diesel are both legends in the marijuana scene. Both also happen to share a similarity with 13 Dawgs. They all are descendants of Chemdawg. An incredibly potent strain, its heritage is evident with the mentally stimulating cerebral high.

At this time, it appears that 13 Dawgs is only available to the registered patients of Delta 9.

Information about Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online:

ORIGIN G13 and Chemdawg
EFFECTS Hungry – 10
Relaxed – 2
Tingly – 1
Uplifted – 1
Happy – 1
Dry eyes – 3
Headache – 3
Anxious – 3
FRAGRANCE Earthy, woody, citrusy, diesel
FLAVORS Earthy, woody, sweet, grapefruit
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Fatigue – 10
Cramps – 7
Headaches – 7
Lack of Appetite – 7
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS Late September to early October
CBD % Less than 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%
INDOOR YIELD 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 12 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Temperate to warm climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

Effects: Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

For recreational users, a strain that can induce psychedelic high is enough. Granted that there are individual preferences, 13 Dawgs should appeal to most in that it stands somewhere in the middle ground. By all accounts, it is a balanced hybrid. However, its effects may lean a little bit towards the Indica side. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

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Not long after using it, the psychedelic effects begin with a mild euphoric head high. The mental clarity it promotes is not only uplifting but can quickly enhance the mood. It inspires creativity and helps users stay on track of doing tasks by heightened ability to focus.

13 Dawgs Effects
13 Dawgs Effects – Image powered by Yharvest

Later, a tingling sensation starts spreading from the back of the head towards the body. Gradually, users should feel tensions leaving and settle into gentle bliss. The Indica traits of 13 Dawgs is pronounced but it is not likely to cause a numbing buzz. Of course, that depends on consumption. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

Fragrance: Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

13 Dawgs is a concoction of contrasting scents all blending to emit a unique but captivating aroma. Soon after taking it out of the jar, the smell of musky earth mixing with a woody and citrusy note is unmistakable. Crushing the herb, it also emits a slight hint of diesel.

Flavors: Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

Once users draw in the smoke, its fragrance fades a little giving way to grapefruit with a sweet note. Upon exhale, it leaves a delicious woody aftertaste.

Adverse Reaction: Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

Everything about 13 Dawgs reeks of premium quality. If there is anything ordinary about it, then it must be the adverse effects. Unfortunately, using marijuana can and do cause some conditions such as dry mouth and eyes. In some instances, it may also cause a slight headache. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

13 Dawgs Adverse Reaction
13 Dawgs Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Lift

Here, the Sativa side of the strain may potentially announce its presence to people who use it excessively. In this case, the intense buzz may cause a few people to feel slightly anxious or perhaps feel a bit paranoid.


Delta 9 developed 13 Dawgs to be medical marijuana. Hence, its value to users is at its highest when it comes to that purpose. The uplifting high it induces, for instance, helps people cope with depression.

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Physically, it comes with compounds that help reduce inflammation. As such, some people use it to relieve themselves of cramps and other muscle aches.

13 Dawgs Medical
13 Dawgs Medical – Image powered by 420budexperts

In delivering cerebral high to users during the onset, one thing that 13 Dawgs also does is energize users. On that note, some people may use it to combat fatigue. But its best use is to settle down a tired body with its relaxing effects.

There is also a tendency for users to feel hungry. For medical patients undergoing treatment procedures, it may come in handy as an appetite stimulant.


After knowing of all the qualities of 13 Dawgs, it is but natural for a home grower to have an interest in picking up its seeds. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen. Delta 9, to date, has never released the seeds of their house strains.

If one were to get ahold of a cut, though, then it is likely that the plant can thrive in a temperate to warm climate.

It is not difficult to have an appreciation of its appearance. Orange pistils surround the green buds and leaves. Of course, it comes coated with a remarkable amount of frosty crystals. Buy 13 dawgs marijuana online

Flowering Time

Delta 9 cultivates the plant indoors. Based on its genetic structure, it likely has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. As for how much buds it can produce, a rough estimate is 10 to 12 ounces per square meter.

There are no indications that suggest 13 Dawgs will not grow well outdoors. Like many hybrids with similar structure, it likely transitions to the flowering stage on the last week of September. By harvest time, each plant could have up to 12 ounces of buds.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own 13 Dawgs? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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